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Foods&Diets is a Diet and Food coaching platform. With Foods&Diets, you can follow a diet, get advice, calculate, and store your BMI and calorie data.


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When you check the coach access checkbox, your doctor, dietitian or personal trainer can follow you and give you tips and advice. Find one in our Couch List.


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Browse thru our diets and find the one that will give you the best results. Stop and choose another if it doesn't feel right. Just follow your instincts.


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Share your Achievements on Social Media. Make sure that all your friends know that your target weight is met. View your graphs to see the progress you make.


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You get 14 days to try Foods&Diets for free. Click on the thumb to sign-up. This web-app supports a healthy and sportive way of living.


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If you want to sell your diets or products, share your food tips or want to be a lifestyle coach, Foods&Diets has the tools, try here.

Take back control

Are you in good health today? Or do you have problems with your weight... Maybe you want to take back control, be more energetic or just want to feel better. There is a diet that helps you back in the driver seat. Search and compare diets and pick the one that suits you best. And when the diet is not working for you, you can switch to another one by the push of a button. Anonymous dieting or share your results on Social Media.
You can select a coach nearby or a coach with special diet knowledge. Choose the one that can help you the way you want it.
Foods&Diets is the next step to an individual Diet Plan to get back control.

Our Diets

Foods&Diets gives you a 14 day trial period. Use it to try one or more of the diets. This ticker may inspire you to follow one. Click and read more about the diet. You are not obligated to pay anything when you stop after the trial and after that, you can stop in any month. We will still be friends.

This 7-day diet plan features delicious fall favorites like warming soups, roasted root vegetables, and hearty salads, all made to be lower in calories so you c ...

Fall Weight-loss Meal plan

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Spring Weight-loss Meal plan

Forever F15 is speciaal ontwikkeld om u de tools in handen te geven voor een gezonder leven. Zodoende kunt u grote stappen zetten naar een fitter gevoel. Verand ...

F15 beginner 1 dieet (Dutch version)

A pescatarian is someone who doesn`t eat meat, but does eat fish.rnThe biggest benefit of the pescetarian diet is the abundance of omega-3 fatty acids that you ...

Pescetarian Meal Plan

Forever F15 beginner 2 is ontwikkeld voor mensen die na het F15 beginner 1 programma een stapje verder willen en toe zijn aan meer oefeningen. Het is dan ook vo ...

F15 beginner 2 dieet (Dutch version)

This diet is based on independent advice and recent insights. It is meant for healthy people who want to stay fit. Only a personal diet would give better result ...

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